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Cardboard Box Storage: Top Tips

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If your business receives and ships a lot of goods, you may find you have a lot of cardboard boxes within your workplace. If these cardboard boxes are not properly stored, they may become damaged or create a fire or trip hazard. Below is a guide on how to store corrugated cardboard boxes.

Exercise quality control

You should not save every cardboard box you receive. While re-using cardboard boxes will help to protect the environment and save you money, they will also take up valuable space. You should instruct your staff to inspect each box as it arrives. If the cardboard box is damaged or torn, you should place it in the recycling bin.

Break down the boxes

You should issue the staff in the shipping department with utility knives. Your staff will be able to use these knives to quickly cut through any packing tape which is holding the joints of the cardboard boxes together. Once the tape has been sliced, it will be much easier to break down and flatten the boxes. Breaking down the boxes will make storage easier.

Avoid storing boxes on the floor

You should not store the broken down boxes on the floor. On the floor, the boxes will be at risk of water damage and spills. You should stack the boxes on a shelf. If you do not have enough shelving in your shipping department, you should stack the boxes on a wooden pallet.

Do not store boxes outside

You should never be tempted to store cardboard outside, as a rain shower would quickly ruin it. Even in the heat of an Australian summer, rodents and other wild animals will quickly chew through the cardboard before constructing a nest within the pile of cardboard.

Store the boxes where they can be easily accessed

You should avoid storing boxes in a basement or a distant cupboard. It is unlikely that your workforce will take the time to re-use boxes if they are difficult to access. 

Invest in new boxes

Over time, even the strongest cardboard boxes will begin to fail. When they do, they place the items you are shipping at risk. You should periodically buy new corrugated cardboard boxes from a cardboard box supplier to replace the damaged stock.

If you would like further advice and information about reusing and recycling cardboard boxes, you should contact a business which specialises in the storage and transportation of materials and goods, such as Ragi Packaging Services Pty Ltd. They will be happy to discuss your needs before making a recommendation.