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Wedding Planning: Considerations for Selecting an Ideal Aisle Runner

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An aisle runner is the decorative carpet which is unrolled to cover the aisle for the wedding ceremony. This is not an essential item for the event, but it enhances the general appeal of the venue. In simple terms, this decorative feature enhances the formality and regal feel of the wedding. There are numerous options for runners that you must evaluate before selection. Therefore, consider these simple factors before acquiring the most ideal wedding aisle runner.

Runner Fabric

There are diverse fabrics used to create modern aisle runners for weddings. Your choice will determine the durability and general resilience, cost and even the aesthetic appeal. One of the most popular fabric choices is rayon. This material has a beautiful and formal appearance, and it is highly tear-resistant. Unfortunately, the cost of the product can be a limiting factor.

Lace is also relatively expensive, but its visual appeal is unrivalled due to its elegance. If you have a stringent budget, you can choose a plastic aisle runner. However, you should note that this material can cause slipping, so make certain that it can be taped down during the ceremony. There are other fabric options available; discuss all your options with a wedding hire specialist.

Rental or Purchase

An aisle runner is not extremely expensive decorative item for a wedding. Therefore, you can choose to purchase or rent, depending on your preference. Typically, rental is more practical because this item is intended for single use. You can acquire the runner from the same supplier for the marquee, furniture and other decorative features. On the other hand, buying the aisle runner will allow you to get a completely customised feature. The fabric can be monogrammed with your initials, and you can choose the exact appearance you would like.


You should be keen when identifying the length of the runner for your wedding ceremony. If the feature is too long, the feature will be unnecessarily expensive and cumbersome to handle. On the other hand, a short runner has an unappealing appearance, particularly for a formal setting. Therefore, measure the length of the venue aisle before making your acquisition.

Outdoor and Indoor Runners

Aisle runners are suitable for both outdoor and indoor weddings. However, there are some precautions that you should consider to avoid hazards and awkwardness. If the indoor venue has a hardwood or linoleum floor, ensure that the runner is slip resistant. For outdoor weddings, use plywood beneath your fabric runner to limit accidental tears, especially beneath spiked shoes.