Project Planning: How to Work With Multiple Businesses

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How to Put a Steel Roof Over the Current Roof of Your Home

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A metal roof can be a good choice for a home, as they’re very durable and may withstand storms and other potential damage very easily. If you’re thinking about getting steel for your home’s roof, you can actually apply it yourself if you have some experience in home repair. One advantage of a steel roof is that you can typically put it right over your current roofing materials, including damaged asphalt shingles and tiles. Read More»

Why a Homeowner Should Never Handle a House Demolition on Their Own

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Tearing down a house might seem like a simple enough task, with the right crane or other heavy-duty equipment to manage the work and if the house itself is rather small and seemingly manageable. However, it’s never good for a homeowner to assume they can handle a house demolition, no matter their expertise with renovation projects and how “handy” they think they are; this work is always best left to a professional crew. Read More»